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Blurb 30 August 2015

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I am not a people person. This is a fixed belief I have held about myself for decades. A friend recently challenged me on this. ‘I think you are a people person,’ he said. This took me by surprise. But as I took a fresh look at myself I saw a surprising thing. God has been changing me, helping me to see others as he sees them, and motivating me to reach out to them. Though I still have a way to go, I am not the person I used to be!
God is undoubtedly ‘people orientated’. The bible is packed with examples of God seeking people out, meeting them in their brokenness, and transforming them by his love and power. We too have our own stories of how God has done that for us and those around us.
What about you? Are you ‘not a people person’? Or do you hold other fixed beliefs about yourself that are preventing you from allowing God to use you? Maybe you think you’re too sinful, too young, too old, or too ordinary for God to use. But God chooses to use ordinary, imperfect people like us because he wants us to rely on his strength, not our own, so that the glory goes to Him. And as we allow Him to use us in our weakness, his Holy Spirit can work in us, filling up what we lack, making us more like Him.
Are you prepared to let God change you? Will you give him your weaknesses and allow Him to use you in new ways? He is our loving father, faithful, trustworthy and good.
I encourage you to take some time this week to listen to Him. Offer Him your weaknesses and invite Him to work in and through you afresh.
Domini Martin
Pastoral Visiting Team

Blurb August 23rd

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Love, what does it mean to you? Loving your neighbour as yourself. What does it mean to you? After all Jesus said “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen” (John 4:20).

So if we do not love our brother/sister we do not love God. Is there anyone out there whom you do not love? Maybe they did something wrong to you? Maybe the young teen covered in tattoos and piercings? Maybe the homeless man outside your work? Maybe the neighbour who has parties every weekend? Jesus tells us to love them because if we do not love them we do not love God. So how do we show them love? How do we show them God’s love? Do we give a smile to the teen? Buy a meal for the homeless man? Invite the neighbour over for a cup of tea?

Try and make amends with the person who did you wrong? It might not mean much to you but could mean the world to them. So that is my challenge to you. If you find someone hard to love pray to God. Ask God to change your mind and your heart towards them. Try and show them the love that you have so freely been given, so you can truly love God.


Blurb; August 16th 2015

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Hi everyone the last couple of months as CAP Manager has been a bit of an eye opener for me. I have seen clients who are in extreme financial and physical poverty and at the same time surrounded by people who I perceive to have everything in serious spiritual poverty.
I’ve come to learn that there many forms of poverty that exist in the world and around us every day. It’s even likely that you work, attend classes or drop your kids off at school with people who could be considered to be the “spiritually poorest of the poor” in your community. The question is whether we’ll speak about the friendship of Jesus with love, boldness and hope to these people.
Just as we can’t neglect physical poverty in our communities and around the world, we can’t neglect the spiritual poverty we see around us every day. We have a choice to love people. Jesus can give us the boldness to tell others about Him and believe that we won’t sound like a salesperson if we do.
If you make sure that the hungry and oppressed have all that they need,
then your light will shine in the darkness,
And even your bleakest moments will be bright as a clear day. Isaiah 58:10 The Voice
Matua Mark

blurb August 9th 2015

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These past few months I have been challenged by the words of a song called “I Believe in Jesus”. The song simply states the gospel. With the busyness of life I often need a reminder of what God has done for me. Why then with everything that God has done for me do I find it so hard to get involved in mission work? Surely it should be second nature.
After returning from the Solomon Islands last year I indicated I would like to be part of the mission’s team. I want others to have the same opportunity to get involved in mission both here in New Zealand and overseas, as the act of serving reminds me of my first love and everything that God has done for me.
The aim of the mission’s team is not purely to support our current missionaries, but also to provide opportunities for the church as a whole to engage in mission and be more outward focused. I see the mission’s team as a team to link people of different missions interest, support our current missionaries, provide oversight of short and long term missions and plan for different mission events in the hope of engaging the wider congregation in mission. One area close to my heart is that of short term mission trips to support and uplift those on the ground in the mission field. As a church I would like to see regular short term mission trips to support our current long term missionaries and those of our congregation who have returned to their home countries. If missions sounds like something you are interested in come and talk to Heidi or I.

blurb 02 August 2015

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It’s so much fun…and a little bit stressful. The bills keep flowing and the money keeps going out to match them coming in. But it’s fun. Then on top of that, there’s all the decisions to make…but the ‘boss’ does most of that. That for me is the easy part. I just let go the reins and let her decide and then just agree with her when her mind is made up. It’s a great partnership. It’s a win, win. I don’t make the decisions, I don’t have to make them and I’m happy with the outcome whatever, as I have a higher motive, a higher goal in my sights. When it’s all over and the builders have gone, and the wife has finished the painting (she decided on the colour), the lounge is all liveable again and the kitchen is pumping out culinary delights, I’m hoping that my higher goal will have been met.
This reminds me of a beautiful couple that I had the privilege of spending time with this week. You see this couple let go of the reins years ago. The decisions they’ve made over their many years together, have, to the best of their ability, not been theirs. They allowed their Heavenly Father to make their decisions. Didn’t mean that they turned off their brains but they have had complete, unshakable trust and belief in God’s wonderful grace and His leading. And above all else they have a higher goal in their sights! Doesn’t mean there hasn’t been stress, or problems but they know the goal, and they have their eyes set on a prize which is not of this world. What an inspiration they are. I love my job.