Blurb 19 July 2015

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Let me tell you about a great bunch of kids that I get to hang out with most weeks on a Sunday morning…
Clive and I do the intermediate age programme which varies in numbers from 3 one week up to 10 another week. It’s a lovely age to work with … they’re lots of fun, full of energy and love learning about God things.
This year we’ve been learning what it means to love and follow Jesus… we’ve also looked at trusting God, sharing our faith, prayer, being clothed with Christ… plus more!
I have to say that the lessons often convict me at times probably more so than the kids! When you’re teaching something and realise it’s something you still struggle with, it does make you reflect on your Christian walk.
What I love about doing the intermediate group (and no… not missing out on listening to sermons!) is that I get to know this age group within our church family … and that means I will keep relationship as they move up in to youth group and morph into teenagers.
It’s great working with Clive … I think he’s more organised than me! Having two of us means there’s flexibility if one’s going to be away and it helps to share the load. I had thought I would serve in this area for a year or two … so if anyone thinks they would like to have a turn next year … sing out.
For one of our lessons I brought in a rock, put it on the floor and the children sat around it and were asked to express their love for the rock! Hmmm… as you can imagine, this was quite hard to do (and ridiculous!) Today you might like to reflect on …How is this like the way God might feel when he demonstrates love toward people who don’t respond? How did God demonstrate his love for us?

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