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Blurb: 26 July 2015

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A verse that’s been on my mind lately is 2 Corinthians 12:9. Paul talks about boasting in weaknesses because God’s “power is made perfect in weakness”. Does this seem really weird to you? Why would we boast in our weaknesses? What does it mean to boast in our weaknesses? How does our weakness make God’s power perfect?
There’s this street evangelist I know who always inspires me with his dedication and passion, but even more with the fact that he is a natural introvert. He often and openly shares about how he finds social interaction overwhelming and difficult, yet he is so incredibly passionate about sharing the gospel with strangers. God’s power is made perfect in weakness.
I really struggle with conflict. I don’t like making people uncomfortable and I’ve always found it difficult to make tough choices that don’t please everybody. Although I lead the music team, if there’s a ‘leadership personality’ I don’t think I have it. But God’s power is made perfect in weakness.
Have you thought about getting involved in a ministry here? Are you a musician or a singer? How about joining the music team? Maybe you feel inadequate? Good. I think that inadequacy is high on God’s list of desired qualities for His servants. Come along to a practice and we’ll see how things go. We’re all about making mistakes and learning from them here. I like to try leave the perfectionism to God, although I usually fail at that. I’m ok with the fact that our music team isn’t quite the slick production that you might get at some other churches. I love the music here. God’s power is made perfect in weakness.
Andy Bell

Blurb 19 July 2015

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Let me tell you about a great bunch of kids that I get to hang out with most weeks on a Sunday morning…
Clive and I do the intermediate age programme which varies in numbers from 3 one week up to 10 another week. It’s a lovely age to work with … they’re lots of fun, full of energy and love learning about God things.
This year we’ve been learning what it means to love and follow Jesus… we’ve also looked at trusting God, sharing our faith, prayer, being clothed with Christ… plus more!
I have to say that the lessons often convict me at times probably more so than the kids! When you’re teaching something and realise it’s something you still struggle with, it does make you reflect on your Christian walk.
What I love about doing the intermediate group (and no… not missing out on listening to sermons!) is that I get to know this age group within our church family … and that means I will keep relationship as they move up in to youth group and morph into teenagers.
It’s great working with Clive … I think he’s more organised than me! Having two of us means there’s flexibility if one’s going to be away and it helps to share the load. I had thought I would serve in this area for a year or two … so if anyone thinks they would like to have a turn next year … sing out.
For one of our lessons I brought in a rock, put it on the floor and the children sat around it and were asked to express their love for the rock! Hmmm… as you can imagine, this was quite hard to do (and ridiculous!) Today you might like to reflect on …How is this like the way God might feel when he demonstrates love toward people who don’t respond? How did God demonstrate his love for us?

Blurb – 12 July 2015

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So you missed the Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner? That’s a shame. It was a well organised, well run and a very entertaining evening.Upon arrival guests were greeted with a drink with enough punch to break the nerves for those awkward new introductions. Standing there in the foyer your eyes were drawn to the piles of snow and ice that adorned the entrance to the dining room. You just had to go in and explore. Within the dim depths, festive decorations clung to the walls and tables sparkled with an inviting flicker. Then, without warning, your eyes were drawn to the far corner where a fireside scene, complete with armchair, Christmas stockings and Christmas tree called you to come in and take a closer look.

At each side of the stage there were 2 large tables covered with enough drawing paper and crayons to keep even the noisiest child entertained. Already there was a flurry of activity as little hands raced to sketch what their little minds were imagining.There was enough food for us all to feel the pain that only Christmas Dinner can bring! There was even enough left over to fill the church freezer with containers of nourishment.We were blessed to have young talent entertain us with music and song. We even sang a Christmas Carol or three. The Ginger Bread House construction task was real fun. Boy what talent we have in our church.Before we could rest too much, a Christmas quiz was sprung. It saw random teams dig deep into the recesses of their minds looking for answers they’d forgotten long ago. Those that didn’t use Google that is!  And so, with a bedtime cuppa and a piece of Christmas cake the night was finished.Maybe next time we’ll see you there?


Blurb: 05 July 2015

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Sometimes I worry. Sometimes I worry about the pastor of the church I go to. I mean what sort of a pastor uses the word ‘Boom’ as a theological word describing the work in the kingdom? And yet I get it – a dynamic demonstration of the power of God and the furthering of His kingdom. I also worried when he thought he should finish with the Beatles song ‘All you need is love’.  After hearing a few peoples reaction to this sermon i wonder if a more appropriate song would have been ‘All shook up’ by Elvis!  So where is this shaking originating from?  Is the pastor being abusive?  Is the pastor being controversial?  Or has it got very little to do with the pastor and rather that God is shaking to move us from where we are to where He wants us to be?  I think the thing that shook me up most was this realisation yet again how important the foundation of love is. Love doesn’t excuse sin or injustice or any other kind of wrong; love is who we are and what we should live out of. Today (I heard from the pastor) that we are continuing this journey and we will be looking at the internal power and work of the Spirit, and the external manifestation of the Holy Spirt through us. I suppose what governs this, is that great commission – that amazing concept that God asks us to partner with Him in His mission. Because our gospel came to you not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction. (1 Thess 1:5)