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Blurb 28.06.2015

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I’ve been reading a book lately about the way we think.  It’s full of those “aha!” moments, where I realise that the author has stated what I do all the time, and when he does he exposes biases and twisted logic that until now I “knew” were fair. One twist to the way we think is that people don’t compare absolute values; we always think in terms of reference points.  If today a law was made that your bank account will have exactly $1000 in it tomorrow, for some of you that will be disaster, for others awesome news- because of where your account is today. Jesus makes this point in Luke 7:47 regarding forgiveness.  If we start from the reference point that we’re good people, Jesus doesn’t change things for us much at all, and we have little appreciation of what He did.  However, if our reference point is that we are all sinners and Jesus is God’s only answer to our situation, then Jesus IS the answer, and we are all one before our Messiah.


Blurb 21 June 2015

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Welcome all. I hope you have had a great week.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts about the CAP journey so far.It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since my commissioning as CAP Manager.  Thank you again for all your support because as Paul said this is something that needs all of us to be part of to be successful.It’s been a real privilege to journey with the first of our CAP clients.  In my visitations with CAP clients so far I have met people who are hurting physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually because of weighting debt.  These people need Christ.  CAP gives us the opportunity to go into people’s homes and be the hands and feet of Christ to hurting people.  It’s both extremely exciting and extremely challenging at the same time.What is also really exciting is how many people put their hands up to be involved in this adventure.  I know that together we are going to be able to make a huge difference to CAP clients in our community.  Please come and see me if you want to help in any way and to those who have already put their names down a huge thank you!The King will reply, ’Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Matthew 25:40

Matua Mark

Blurb 14.06.2015

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So often, what’s wrong in the world is actually a distortion of something which is very good. For instance food is meant to be good for us but too much or too little or the wrong kind can be very bad. Or think about sex. In relation to this question I mean. You’re probably reading this in church for goodness sake. Anyway, in its good intended purpose, sex is a good thing. But outside of its proper context, or when it is misused, it can be horrific. So I wonder what you’ve been worrying about this week. What’s been the anxiety building up – the trouble in your soul? In what way is this bad thing which has got you down a distortion of something intended to be something good? I believe that part of the Christian life involves acknowledging that the Good world God created has in many ways gone bad. I think we look forward to a new & better day – a new heavens and new earth where Jesus says “Behold, I am making all things new.” That’s a wonderful promise and hope. But for now we live a world of Good stuff gone Bad. Since we believe in Jesus’ triumph over death and hell, we maybe sometimes tell ourselves that we should never grieve. We should be always positive & cheery. But I wonder if we need to allow ourselves sometimes to grieve the state of things. Is there room to do that here? Is there room in your life? I wonder.

Mark D.

Blurb 7th June

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Hope you’ve all had a great week. I had an interesting one, especially on Wednesday evening. I did something that I hadn’t done since way before I was married – so that’s a long time ago. It’s like the old saying about riding a bike, you never forget how; you just need to give it a crack. So I did. I questioned myself if I could after all these years, if i still had the guts to, but hey I did it. And when it was done it felt good, real good.

We have got a few things that are coming our way that I need to let you know about.

Today we kick Cap off in grand style by having Paul Eardley with us. Paul works with Cap in the head office and will be sharing today as we commission Mark J as our Cap Centre Manager. This is a big step for us as a church as we move towards helping in our community. Mark already has 3 or 4 people waiting for help so it’s going to be all go right from the start.

Secondly, Cheryll and I won’t be here next Sunday, in fact we will be away between 13th and 20th June. We will be away with friends as we celebrate her birthday. If there are any pastoral concerns during this week, please contact Anne at the office and she will help direct you in the right direction.

Finally, the service on the 21st will be the last in the series about ‘Encounter’ and I have asked three people to share their stories with us. Following this we will be journeying further to see how as we build our relationship with God, He then equips us to serve within His mission. On the evening of July 5th I will be running workshops on spiritual gifts and spiritual fruit. This will be a time of teaching, ministry, questions and prayer, so if you’re interested pencil in the dates.

Cheers, Kevin

Blurb 31.05.2015

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We had people around the other night and someone mentioned their claim to fame. I very proudly showed of my claim to fame – my first tomato for the season. I enjoy pottering around in my garden but there is a great sense of achievement when you can grow something out of season. Mind you the brussel-sprouts have a long way to go before entering the realm of respectability – but nothing ventured nothing gained. As I sit and ponder I see parallels with trying to grow veges and us growing in Christ-likeness. Sometimes we surprise everyone as we seem to grow well out of season, sometimes we don’t surprise anyone as we struggle to grow in hard conditions. I had a dream last night. I dreamt of gold – since being a kid I have always had a fascination for gold – but last night we were all in church and there was a mighty fire in the middle of the auditorium (scary for those of you who went through the arson incident) – and we were refining gold – we had all the right equipment and there was pure gold being refined in crucibles that could withstand the heat. When I woke, I saw us, yes us, a people who are being refined – a people who are/will be pure gold. Doesn’t matter how hard your growing season is – the end result is that God is doing a refining work – and you are precious like gold, to Him and to us.