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Blurb 26-04-2015

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I’ve been reading. In the book that I’m ploughing through, the question is posed: What is the church? Why “church”? The author then gives his short answer – ‘the Holy Spirit forms church to be a colony of heaven in the country of death. Church is the core element in the strategy of the Holy Spirit for providing human witness and physical presence to the Jesus-inaugurated kingdom of God in this world. It is not that kingdom complete, but it is that kingdom.’  Is this a good question, and is this a good answer? It makes me think of the question I posed last Sunday morning while sitting in the front row. “If the Holy Spirit in our midst moved amongst us, what would it look like?” Is this a good question to consider? What would be your answer? I’ve thought a bit about it – dumb to pose a question and then not to consider the answer. What would I like to see as the outworking of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst? Here’s my crack at it – To see us as people continue to grow in our love for God, for each other and for the community. See basically when we read through scripture there is an incredible emphasis on love. The way we do/should treat each other and relate to each other is through love – and that love originates from the God who loves us.  1 John 4: 7-21 sorta sums it up the best…naturally we love those we like but to love as God asks us to takes a deep work of His Spirit to transform us into the likeness of Christ. John puts it this way: In this world we are like Jesus. (1Jn4:17) Are we?

Blurb 19-4-2015

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What a tuff week. Two incidences in particular – the first was when I got home one day and the ‘one I love’ asked me to whack out some coprosma’s that were due for removal. I don’t mind hard yakka so I took to it with all the passion of a man in love – until – dang, while digging out the stumps I broke my axe handle! Nearly brought tears to my eyes. This is my axe! The one I saved my wages for when I was 16. I’ve had it for that long – mind you I have replaced the head a couple of times and the handle 5 times – but it’s still my original axe! It suddenly reminded me of a host of verses that talk about our constant renewal under the work of the Holy Spirt. Same people – changed through renewal. Same axe – changed by the renewal of the handle…yet again.

The second incidence also involved the ‘one I love’. She went to visit her mum n dad up north! Great, gives me the chance to eat lots of steak for dinner without complaint! But alas, on her return she is not alone. No, she has bought 2 friends with her – both of whom need to be named as they are only 8 weeks old. I’m a dog man! And our old dog, ‘Sam’, is getting long in the tooth and slow in the legs – but to bring home 2 kittens seems a little pointed that he aint going to be the favourite anymore. At least I have managed an agreement that I’m not on poo patrol! But it is change – and change we must. We must change as individuals as we allow the Spirit to renew us, and we must change together as a family as newness comes…worth pondering?

Blurb 12-4-2015

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It was a pretty emotional weekend for the disciples of Jesus. They had really believed they were heading towards victory in Jerusalem. Then there was the shock of Jesus’ capture and their betrayal and abandonment of him. Judas hanged himself; Peter lingered around to see what happened but ended up denying Jesus. The rest of them were scattered. Finally the disciples decide to go fishing. 

Probably to most of us who live in Hamilton, fishing is recreation. But to the disciples, fishing represented going back to their lives before Jesus. Jesus had called them off their boats and into his service. From peasant fisherman to disciples of the future King is a big promotion. So it must have been a dejected, sad sort of fishing trip. But then, unexpectedly, Jesus turns up again! It’s really him, nail-holes and all. Talk about emotional rollercoaster.

Sometimes I have these awesome emotionally charged times and they’re followed by a big slump – or even just a flat kind of feeling. Sometimes that slump or flatness makes me wonder if the high emotion was real, or if I’d done something wrong that I didn’t feel it anymore.

Part of the beauty of Jesus’ resurrection is that yes, it is dramatic and high-energy and exciting, but it is also an assurance that Jesus is still alive regardless of how I feel in any given moment. That I feel flat is not because Jesus is no longer present, but an opportunity to discover the presence of Jesus in a new way, like over breakfast. John 21:1-14

Where is Jesus in the mundane reality of your life this week?

Mark Day.