Blurb 29-03-2015

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The season is changing. The nights are getting cooler. The leaves are starting to change colour. The lambs are fattening out nicely. In fact Rambo’s mini-me, the young ram lamb – his life is going to change dramatically soon. Every time I look at him I start salivating and reaching for the mint sauce! And I think the rest of the family all want a bite as well. The season rolls on, just like the white butterfly laying their darn eggs on my brassicas. Yep the Brussel sprouts are supposed to go in early so that they grow before it’s too cold but I won’t be this early again next year coz it’s a near imposable task to keep them caterpillar free. The poor ole plants look like someone’s shot them with a 12 gauge. But it’s a good season as well. The figs have been dried and the apples are preserved. The jalapeños are the next to be dried and flaked. The fejoas are starting to fall which pleases the boss. The chooks have gone on the moult and Rambo is happy with his girlfriends – Mrs Hughes and Mrs Morton. I find it fascinating that we embrace and dance along with the rhythms of change in nature but sometimes find it so difficult to accept change in church life. Pondering… Well change is happening this morning as we gather as a church. It’s a small change and hopefully will be an acceptable change. We will now add to our ‘expectation’! If we can expect the God who speaks will speak to us and we will hear Him – then we open ourselves to have an encounter with Him – to encounter the risen Christ! And so we will journey together and explore how we might encounter Him. Blessings

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