Blurb 15-3-2015

Category : Newsletter Blurb

I have options! To tell the story about weeds or tell the story about maggots – that is the question? Ok, weeds it is. Does God speak through nature? Last Saturday the ‘boss’ asked over breakfast what I wanted to achieve during the day. Just the word ‘achieve’ is so loaded with the ominous heaviness of a day of hard labour. Then she suggested what she wanted me to achieve…well the 1st on her list. “Darling could you cut down the weeds in the chook run?” Delightful start to the list! You see although it meant work it was no ordinary work as it necessitated using a machine with a motor that was designed for destruction. So armed with the brush cutter I headed into the large chook run to attack the summer weeds, some of which were about 6 foot high. Sweat pouring down…(that’s enough detail about where), weeds and gorse and blackberry flinging in all direction, bare legs getting stung by debris..nearly as close as you can get to a happy place without a chainsaw! And then God spoke! He spoke about the ‘weeds’ we let grow in our lives, the weeds of criticism, gossip, envy, back stabbing, jealousy, selfishness etc. He spoke about how by His Spirit he wanted to do some clearing up…and then I saw them. Nicely hidden under the thickest of weeds was a hens nest with 36 (rotten) eggs. What a waste. They were laid for my culinary delight…fried egg n cheese sandwiches…but here they were hidden by weeds and wasted. And He spoke again, “what is wasted in our lives because they are hidden by the weeds we allow to grow?” Maybe I can share about maggots next week…have a great day…

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