Blurb – 8 October 2017

So as usual the we are running late…

Not sure what to write that is challenging and/or uplifting and an encouragement to you our church family. Should we write about youth, should we write about us?
Nah….we want to write about God, who is good ALL of the time.
This year has been tough for us….not ‘life and death’ tough but still hard. There has been prolonged unpleasantness at work with implications for job security, the younger kids have been doing it tough at school, youth group leaders have been short (but who we have are fantastic), Jack no longer attends church with us…there have been days when we have felt hammered on all sides BUT God is good ALL the time.
God has provided words of encouragement, friends who have walked the journey alongside us, people who have called to say they have us in their thoughts and prayers…We have been constantly reminded that God will provide, that we are not to worry, and that we have much for which to be grateful.

God is good ALL of the time and He has a plan (even if we can’t see it) has become a mantra for us….even when things have seemed hopeless. It hasn’t eliminated the hurt, the tears or the worry but it has given us hope.
So if you are being hammered, share your worries with God – He cares, share it with some trusted people and ask them to pray for you…and remember God is good ALL the time.

Helen & Greg Morton